Benefits of Eating Bitter Kola in the Morning

Benefits of Eating Bitter Kola in the Morning

Bitter Kola is a medical substance that does not have many side effects when consumed by a person. The plant's seeds are brown and shaped like nuts. It is very common in the tropics of West Africa and has many applications in the world today. However, in this article, we will focus on you eating bitter Kola first thing in the morning, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of doing so. We will also look at its various constituents and the benefits that we get from consuming it in the morning.

Bitter Kola is a plant, and that plant, and that plant has several uses. The fruits, seeds, and the bark each have their economic importance, but then; the most importance of them all is the seed. They have been used to fight several diseases like hepatitis, as well viral infections.

It is also listed as a substance that is effective in the treatment of diseases caused by virus strains. Fertility and diabetes are two other areas where bitter Kola can help. Now, we will investigate in depth the benefits or advantages that bitter Kola provides to your body when chewed in the morning.

Here are the Following Benefits of Eating Bitter Kola in the Morning

As stated in the introduction, bitter kola has a number of health benefits when consumed first thing in the morning.

As a result, the following are the benefits of taking bitter kola in the morning:

1) Breakdown Glycogen

One of the health advantages of eating bitter kola in the morning is that it aids in the glycogen breakdown.

Within the liver this medicinal fruit contains a number of chemical constituent that aid in the glycogen breakdown of glycogen stored in the body.

2) Treats cold

Bitter kola can be effective and efficient when used in the traditional treatment recurring cold

3) Cough relief and throat clearing

Bitter kola also aids in the removal of mucus from the vocal tube. Which can impair ones ability to speak

As a result, chewing bitter kola in the morning will help clear the vocal tube, paving the way for clearer and smoother voice

On that note, removing the stagnant mucus from the throat will automatically help to relieve your cough

So, if you have a crack voice, try chewing bitter kola early in the morning to see what it can do for you

4) Helps with constipation

According to the findings, Africans have been consuming bitter kola to help remove gases from their bodies.

So, according to the scientist's research, bitter kola has proven to be more effective in fighting constipation.

5) Prevents glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease that causes pressure in the eye, resulting in gradual loss of sight and, if not treated in time, blindness.

What bitter kola does in this regard is reduce eye pressure, thereby lowering the risk of sight loss or glaucoma.

6) Immune system booster

Similarly, some of the constituents of bitter kola are antioxidants, which are very effective in fighting bacteria and other diseases

7) Improve sexual performance and fertility

Much has been written about the benefits of chewing bitter kola in the or before having intercourse as a performance booster.

As a result, eating kola will help you increase your stamina and last longer in bed as a husband

8) Impotence sexually

Aside from improving sex performance, bitter kola is thought to be an effective treatment for male impotency.
That is, when it comes to increasing or improving sexual performance in men, bitter kola may be of great assistance.

The point is that bitter Kola will not only increase your sex drive, but it will also improve the performance of impotent men.

9) Treats sexually transmitted do (STD)

Furthermore, chewing bitter kola in the morning or at any time of the day can treat all sexual transmittable disease except(HIV-AIDS)

Bitter kola seeds, leaves and fruits all contain antibacterial compounds

Researchers discovered that the leaf, seeds, and bitter kola fruits can isolate (clinically) Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyrogens, Escherichia coli, and Salmonella

10) Anti-malaria

Bitter kola contains some chemical constituents that are anti-malarial.
The bitter kola stem, bark, leaves, and seeds are also commonly used to treat respiratory tract inflammation, acute fever, and throat infections

11) Anti-poison

You should be aware that bitter kola is also a powerful antibiotic with numerous detoxification properties.

That is, eating bitter kola will protect or save you from any poison or infection that you may have accidentally consumed or come into contact with.

12) It help relieve osteoarthritis

The bitter kola seeds can also be used to treat elderly people who have osteoarthritis.

13) It treats a purgative

If you're purging and don't know what to use after several failed attempts, try eating bitter kola first thing in the morning.

As a result, kola is similar to a laxative that aids in the treatment of purging and other related health issues.

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The Nutritional Benefits of Bitter Kola-Eating Bitter Kola First in the Morning

The bitter kola seeds have a high concentration of important vitamins and minerals that the body requires. There are vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, and B3 present.

These vitamins are commonly used to stimulate enzymes required for energy-related metabolic activities, improve digestion, and synthesize DNA, among other things.

How do you take bitter kola? How bitter kola can be eaten

Traditional African medicine uses all parts of the Bitter Kola plant, but the seeds are the most commonly ingested.

Raw or cooked, bitter kola seeds have a harsh, bitter taste that gradually becomes sweeter as you chew them.

Some drinks are imbued with the bitter kola seed flavor, and these can be ideal menu items to add to your diet’s menu.

How many bitter kolas should you consume each day?

Bitter kola dosage

It is recommended that two bitter kola nuts be consumed each day. It contains enough bitter kola to replenish your energy and improve your health.

Eat two bitter kola nuts per day to live a healthy life.

Kola Bitter for Intimacy: Eating Bitter Kola First in the Morning

Bitter kola has been prescribed and used for centuries to treat illnesses such as malaria, cough, and lung function, and it is thought to have an aphrodisiac effect that promotes intimacy.

Bitter kola and diabetes: Does it help? Does bitter kola assist with diabetes?

When it comes to Bitter Kola’s involvement in diabetes treatment, the effects of bitter kola on diabetes can be rather impressive.

When it comes to bitter kola for diabetes, it has been established that it can control blood sugar levels and cope with an elevated level of sugar by lowering and normalizing them.

The chemical composition of bitter kola is distinctive, which may explain its medical benefits:

Caffeine, theophylline, theobromine, sugar, water, starch, cellulose, and phenolic chemicals are all found in the kola nut:
  • Phlobaphene
  • Tannic acid
  • Catechins and epicatechins 

It also increases metabolism, and extracts derived from the nut can accelerate metabolic processes while also increasing heart rate.

However, this effect is only seen at low concentrations and dosages. When taken in the large quantities, it increases the risk of the heart and should be avoided

Bitter kola has powerful anti-diabetic properties. Kola has been shown to aid in the management of blood sugar levels in the body by gradually lowering and normalizing

What are the negative consequences of consuming bitter kola? Side effects of bitter kola

Because kola nuts affect the central nervous system, they can cause shakiness, tremors, and anxiety.

Bitter kola nuts can cause tremors, especially in people who are anxious. If you eat too many kola nuts, you may become ill and upset your stomach.

Who shouldn’t consume bitter kola?

Because it reduces fluid count and production, bitter kola is thought to be harmful to males.

Bitter kola may aggravate or even cause diarrhea if you already have it. Hemophilia is a rare blood clotting disorder in which the blood does not properly clot.

Men bear the brunt of the burden.

Final though on the Benefits of Eating Bitter Kola in the Morning

I hope this article has answered your question about eating bitter kola first thing in the morning.

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