10 Healthy Eating Accounts Worth Following on Social Media

Healthy Eating Accounts Worth Following on Social Media
 As same as consuming nutrients rich foods yields positive phenotypic results , a diet of social accounts that inspire and encourages you, can move you forward  in a trip towards a healthy living. But also social media is also popularly known by many for showcasing unrealistic  images of health. 

Some times social media will showcase a picture of unattainable bodies that will often make you feel like healthy style of leaving is only for a selected few number of people. 

So instead of trying to follow accounts that will make you think you can never reach that dream body, you can choose to subscribe to some social media channels who showcase real - world ways to eat well and maintain a healthy body while also letting you know the challenges or difficulties that comes along with doing so. 

So in this article, you will find some numerous social media accounts that are worth following in order to start practicing a healthy life style. 

Some Healthy Living Accounts You Should follow on Social Media 

So let us take a look at some social networks that are realistic enough for one to follow it and obtain optimum results. 

1. Compston Kitchen - Instagram,Facebook,Pinterest & Twitter

The Compston Kitchen is headed by Stephen and Elise who are a married couple that like to cook together and they are also registered dietitians. You can find all you need to know about their relatable approach to healthy, tasty and every day food on the hashtag, #upgradedeverydayeats#. 

They put together their mutual expertise with the real life challenges of parenting and guiding young kids, they also provide fun to their viewers and posts on how to get meals on the table at the speed of light. One of their uniqueness is that they love making meal plans with 4 to 5 ingredients. 

2. Budget Bytes- Instagram,Facebook,Pinterest , Twitter 

Some food blogs on social media accounts often feature gorgeous recipe photos but a deeper look sometimes reveals that their ingredients are pretty expensive but it is not the case with Budget Bytes as the name implies. On this blog, you will find recipes that are straight forward, healthy and will not also cost you much. 

The Budget bytes blog was founded way back in the year 2009 and today it counts over 400,000 instagram followers and an app that gives you her recipes all in one place and following this will permit you to eat well for a less amount of money. 

3. Accessible Wellness -Instagram, Facebook 

This is a dietitian will physical disability so Jackie Silver is in a better position to know that wellness is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. On her Instagram page, you can find simple recipes, practical tips  on recycling leftovers and also an uncountable number of 2-minute healthy snack ideas for people with or without disabilities. 

Jackie Silver also provides nutritional therapy for different disabilities and chronic conditions, aside from being a dietitian, she is also a Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness practitioner which is evident in her posts about eating with intention and also shifting you mindset around food and body image. 

4. Natasha's Kitchen - YouTube, Instagram 

Anytime you wish to spice up you day, you can quickly move to YouTube and step into Natasha's Kitchen where you will find more than 100 videos of the home Chef Natasha Kravchuk with some upbeat personality and funny visual gags which will surely make you smile and laugh. 

Aside from the numerous simple and delicious recipes that you will find on her channel, her videos also include step-by-step technique for more difficult preparations like macarons and ratatouille. 

Even though, you will note find all of Natasha's recipes to be 100% healthy, but most of them are healthy and also her overall approach to food as source of joy is contagious. 

5. Kids Eat in Color - Instagram, Facebook

It is of no doubt that you as an adult that already knows about healthy eating will want to eat healthier but what about the kids in your home. Luckily for you, the dietitian Jennifer Anderson got you back. 

Jennifer Anderson is a mom of 2 young boys and she is well versed in helping parents of selective eaters find their way as a family. 

With  a great sense of humor, Anderson separates fact from fiction about the nutritional daily needs for kids and you can follow her to obtain kid-friendly snack ideas, information on realistic toddler portion sizes, and also what you can do with your leftovers. 

6. Fit Men Cook- Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter 

Most of us feel like being of the female gender is a prerequisite for becoming a healthy eating social media guru. Though men want to eat healthy too. 

Having more than 1.6 million instagram followers, Kevin Curry of fit Men Cook is an inspiration to people from all over the world due to his realistic and down to earth content. 

On his Instagram, you will find a variety of delicious but easy to to do recipes. He also shares his won fitness accomplishments and his failures, like the time he made an attempt to aerial yoga. 

7. Desilicious RD - Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twiiter, Youtube

If you wish to have an international recipe inspiration with a dose of mindfulness, then you can check out Shahzadi Devie of Delicious RD. 

She is a Canadian nutritionist even though with South Asia heritage and her feed is mostly made of globally inspired recipes , that proves that eating healthy does not have to be boring or flavorless.

10 Healthy Eating Accounts Worth Following on Social Media

8. Real Life Nutritioniste-Instagram 

Have you ever wished to have to have dietitian friend that will often help you with straight to the pint nutritional advice?, Real Life Nitritioniste Miranda Galati is that virtual friend you have searching for. 

Galati's post set the record straight on hot button topics like detoxes, gluten,carbs and refined sugar, surely her expert answers on these topics might surprise you. Her moto is "All food Fit" and also her food philosophy can be referred to as the epitome of inclusion. 

On Galati's feed, you will find novel ways to make meals from basic and healthy ingredients. 

9. The Mediterranean Dish-Instagram, Facebook,Pinterest, Twitter

The Mediterranean diet is loved by a quite good number of health experts and surely for good reasons. Truly following this anti-inflammatory eating plan involves more than just cooking everything in olive oil. 

Suzy Karadsheh was born and raised in Egypt so she grew up cooking Mediterranean dishes in their kitchen. Actually, she is based in North America and is showing what a mediterranean diet actually involves in real life. 

Her recipes hail from across the globe and most of them are beginner friendly being made with easy to find pantry staples. 

10. Vitamin RI 

Maria Sylvester Terry is a teacher turned dietitian who is the first to acknowledge how unrealistic social media can be when it comes to giving tip on healthy eating and diets. 

Vitamin RI is her instagram page that aims at helping people unravel the damaging beliefs that are often trigerred by social media, and she instead foster a positive approach to food and diets.